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Unit house

3XT offers under its own name houses manufactured for the company by a reputable manufacturer that sells its products all over the world.  The factory operates under high demands and is therefore taken out twice a year by a German regulatory agency.
Windows and doors from 3XT or Aluminatas are used in the houses.

Delivery times for houses can vary depending on the load on the factory, inputs in the factory, the size and type of the building, and this needs to be looked at in context each time to get a realistic assessment of delivery.  


The process : 

  • The house is drawn by an Icelandic designer and the price is based on those drawings. 

  • The house is manufactured in a factory according to those drawings and sent to the buyer. 

  • It is important to check the drawings carefully before ordering so that there are no delays at the construction site. 

3xT Aps can assist buyers in establishing an agreement with designers and construction managers.

Barn black.png
Barn 29.jpg
Klasika 32.png
Lounge 24.png
Barn twin.png
A Hýsi.png
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